Raid Information

Our raid schedule generally includes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with raids beginning at 8PM EST. The only exceptions to this will be expansion launches, which will have raids scheduled as frequently as needed until we are able to clear all content.

Raids will be rotated around and Saturday will be generally reserved for end zones or high priority raid targets only. The goal of having these four raid days is to allow the guild to rotate high priority lockouts so that we are able to get a few extra clears of these in each expansion era. That being said, we will generally not raid four nights per week.

An example schedule during OOW

Week 1: Tuesday Anguish – Thursday Tacvi/MPG

Week 2: Monday Anguish – Thursday Tacvi/MPG – Saturday Anguish, 

Week 3: Tuesday Tacvi/MPG – Thursday Anguish, 

Week 4: Tuesday Anguish- Thursday MPG/Tacvi

Current official content

As of 9/18/2020, the official raid content is Anguish and Tacvi. We may also include MPG trials of Foresight and Endurance depending on time and desire. All lower gates content, RSS Royals, and the other four MPG trials will be done in off hours by various FFA raids. 

FFA raids

The guild will have a number of targets available to FFA in each era, as listed above. The easier of these targets will be open for people to do with 2 or 3 groups as they wish, but the harder stuff will be done with a plat raid run by the guild, open to all, including the occasional friendly outsider. The content is run by the plat raid will change over time, and these changes will be determined by discussions held with members of the guild.

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