DKP Policy

Adventure Dogs uses a custom database called OPENDKP. (Created by Moncs of the Phinigel server).

You are requested to register on the DKP site and “claim” your character. Please note you will not see your character until have raided at least once.

(Create account on website, after your first raid click Characters on the left, Search for your toon, CLICK THE BLUE HYPERLINK FOR YOUR TOON NAME, top left on this page will say “Claim character” please submit that request.)

DKP Method:
AD uses a “BRV” = Base Rate Value DKP System combined with ranks, and loot hierarchy to essentially handle any looting issues.

DKP Problems:

You are solely responsible for keeping track of your DKP history.

If you are missing a raid, use the DKP site’s “Raid Credit Check” function. Please post a log line that shows you were present for this tick when submitting this request. Alternatively if you are missing credit on only one of your toons simply state which toon has already received credit in lieu of a log line.

If you are missing an item, were mis-charged, over-charged, under-charged, double-charged please bring this to the attention of your DKP officers: (Cartheb, Catstop, Akivus)


DKP is primarily earned by raiding.

Logs are taken every half hour (and 1 final end log) and are worth 100DKP. The On-time and Final ticks will always be 2xBRV. To be considered present for this tick you MUST be in the raid within 5 minutes of that tick. Examples:

Mesozoic joins raid at 6:06PM, is NOT eligible for credit for the 6:00PM Tick
Mesozoic joins raid at 6:05PM, IS elibigle for credit for the 6:00PM Tick

Bonuses are given for certain achievements (first kills, exceptional raids, max level, keys, etc.)

“First Kill” and “Server Firsts” are bonus DKP.

Guild First: 25xBRV
Guild First Contested*: 50xBRV

Server First: 50xBRV
Server First Contested*: 100xBRV

Successful First 2-split: 30xBRV
Successful First 3-split: 50xBRV

*Contested defines as fighting open world, DPS races against other guilds.

We will also have testing nights as we prepare for new expansion launches. Since these nights do not award any loot, all ticks will be 5xBRV base. (10xBRV for On-Time and Final ticks)

Other bonuses will be announced and a time frame given to achieve the goal.


You must bid in whole numbers. (no decimal bidding).
1000 is the minimum bid. (10xBRV)
You must upbid the last bid by at least 250 (2.5xBRV).
You may go negative (without a penalty) for rotting items only, but the minimum is still 1000.

Max Bid:

Raiders 40%+ 30D RA may max bid 20000.
Raiders 39%- 30D RA may max bid 2000.

You must include your rank with your bid if you are anything other than an “Adventurer/Member” (applicant, alt, palt, friend)


Wizard tells the raid: ‘1000 app’ (this is an Applicant)
You tell the raid: ‘1000 PALT’ (this is a PALT)
Warrior tells the raid: ‘1000’ (this is a Main)

PALT Bidding
When bidding for your PALT please use the PALT to bid or use their name in your bid. It makes life easier on the Master Looter.


You tell the raid: ‘1000 Palt (Name)’

Alt Bidding:
You may bid for an alt from either your Main’s or your PALT’s DKP pool. The toon you bid from will determine which pool is used!
Alt’s that are in raid have priority status over alts that are not in the raid and actively participating.
You will need to specify which alt, and whether they are in our out of raid with your bids.
You may not bid on tradeable loot as a “Novice” or “alt” (Only an approved Companion)

Shennall(PALT) tell the raid: ‘1000 Alt Cinderpelt In Raid’ – This will use the PALT’s DKP pool
Cartheb(Main) tells the raid: ‘1000 Alt Cinderpelt In Raid’ – This will use the Main’s DKP pool

Bidding by 250 & “All-In”
You only need to up the last bid in multiples of 250.
An “All-In” bid is your current max spendable DKP.
To beat an All-In bid, you must bid at least 50 points higher than the current All-In bid value. You must ensure your bid ends with a 0 or a 5 as the value. (A bid of 338 would not be accepted, you must bid either 335, or 340.)


You tell the raid: ‘287 all in’

In order to beat you, someone would need to bid at least 340. You may bid higher, but this is the only situation where you do NOT have to abide by minimum bid rules.

Always round up your bid to the nearest whole number (ending in 0 or 5 against an “all-in” bid)

Bids are done via /rs by an officer or a senior member. There is no set time, but the goal is to get loot done fast. It will look something like this:

Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > OPEN”
Rogue tells raid: “1000 app”
Ranger tells raid: “1000 Palt”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > 2nd”
Warrior tells raid: “1000”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED”
Officer tells the raid: “[ITEM] – Min 400> Item;1000;Warrior Gratss”

There is no set time between bids. The ML will try to let you battle it out but still keep the loot line moving.
The idea is, if you want it, bid for it and battle out your bids quickly.

Another example with Palts winning a bid:
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > OPEN”
Necromancer tells raid: “400 Palt”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > 2nd”
Magician tells raid: “400 alt”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED – Item;1000;Necromancer Gratss” (PALT beats Alt on Tier)

Max Bidding:

Mains may max bid anytime: 20,000(200xBRV)

PALTS may max bid only when against other PALTS up to bid cap: 20,000 (200xBRV)

Max Bid for Alts: 5,000 (50xBRV)

If you max bid at 20000(200xBRV), and another member also does the same, we will need to have a tie-breaker.

To break the tie we will go by your 60-Day RA. In the event of another tie we will utilize 90-Day, and finally to break any remaining ties we will use Lifetime RA.

(60Day < 90Day < Lifetime)

Any tie-breakers required for Alts that max bid will simply entail a roll-off. The ML may choose to either utilizing numbers to represent the bidders or simply having each contender roll out of a specified number with the highest being the winner.


3 Alt’s Max Bid, ML will then /Ran 1-3 Having already assigned 1 to Alt #1, 2 to Alt #2, 3 to Alt #3 .. Roll lands on 2, Alt #2 gets the loot.

ML Requests for contenders to /ran 1000, highest roll wins.

Double Items:

When 2 items of the same drop, the top 2 bids win the items.

Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > OPEN”
Warrior tells raid: “1000”
Ranger tells raid: “1250”
Paladin tells raid: “1000 Palt”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > 2nd”
ShadowKnight tells raid: “1250”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED > Item;1250;Ranger Gratss
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED > Item;1250;Shadowknight Gratss

First in, Last out:

During times where we have two or more of the same item, we will have numerous people bidding. To ensure we keep the system fair for all we will utilize the First in, Last out method. This means, that the FIRST VALID BID has priority over the SECOND VALID BID of the same value. Here are some examples:

Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > OPEN”
Warrior tells raid: “1000” (FIRST)
Paladin tells raid: “1250” – VALID (SECOND)
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > 2nd”
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > LAST CALL (Ranger 1250, Shadowknight 1500 winning atm)
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED > Item;1500;Shadowknight Gratss
Officer tells raid: “[ITEM] – Min 1000 > CLOSED > Item;1750;Paladin Gratss

Retract Bidding
If you make a mistake and bid on something you cannot use or mis-read what it was, you are stuck with it. It is your duty to pay attention to what you are buying.

You may only retract a bid during the bidding process.

You tell the raid ‘1000’
You tell the raid ‘retract 1000! misbid’

This window is only available if the ML hasn’t called “CLOSED”. After that, it’s yours.

If it’s a tradeable item you may return for a 50% DKP refund.

Caps and Decay:
Every expansion has a cap and will decay to this amount every 1st of the month OR prior to a new Expansion Launch whichever comes first, only performed once a month.
Current Expansion Cap > Omens of War: 40,000


Hitting 0% 30-Day RA incurs a 25% DKP decay
Hitting 0% 60-Day RA incurs a 50% DKP decay
Hitting 0% 90-Day RA incurs a 100% DKP decay

DKP Penalties:
If you bid more DKP than you have, you will be penalized to pay up to double the bid at officer discretion. (negative bids only allowed for rotting items).

If you loot an item not intended for you, you will be charged BRV x20

You can be charged with an AFK penalty for excessive AFK or going AFK for an extended period of time with no notice, that penatly is BRV x10 and loss of the raid ticks you were AFK for.

At the ML and RL discretion, if you are speaking in a channel where loot is currently being done in you can receive a DKP penalty for disrupting the loot process. It is vital to keep these channels clear during loot calls and to utilize other channels available during those times. You will receive warnings before any penalties are applied, for repeat offenders you will receive a penalty of 10xBRV

uses an open bidding system with base rate value “BRV” system. All of the numbers related to DKP earned, minimum bids, maximum bids, and DKP cap are derived from this number, and the number goes up roughly 50% each expansion. 

DKP credit will be given for being on time at raid start, and every 30 minutes after that. There will be a final tick worth double BRV given at the end of the night. No DKP will be input until after raids have ended, and DKP earned on a raid, including potential bonuses cannot be spent until they are posted. Players are responsible for tracking their own spending. If a player goes negative due to miscalculation, they will be penalized 10 x BRV or double the amount they go negative, whichever is greater.

Leadership may give double DKP or other substantial one time bonuses for special activities such as launch progression, first kills, first splits, test raids, and more. 

As of Omens, the BRV is 100 DKP.

DKP earned per tick is 100 (1 x BRV)

Minimum Bid is 1000 (10 x BRV)

Minimum Upbid is 250 (2.5 x BRV) 

Maximum Bid is 15000 (150 x BRV)

Maximum Bid for under 40% 30 day RA is 2000 (20 x BRV)

DKP Cap is 40000 (400 x BRV)

The BRV estimates given above are rough. Any of these numbers, especially min bid and min upbid may be rounded for easier math. 

Normally, overcap DKP will decay before the first raid of the month. That being said, we will be holding off on any monthly decay until Dragons of Norrath launch. Any player that takes a break of greater that 60 days without announcement is subject to a complete DKP decay.

Preferred Alts (Adventure Pups) and PALT / Alt Loot

All mains that prove to be capable of boxing raids can pick a character as a Preferred alt or PALT. 

It is not required that PALTs attend every single raid that their main attend, but it is expected that the characters attend any raid that they are requested to attend due to low numbers of that class. It is also expected that these characters are able to perform the basic functions of their class, and successfully navigate raid mechanics such as OMM Mask clicks.

These characters will accrue DKP at a normal rate that can be spent on any loot that mains do not need. PALT min bid is 250, and they can bid as high as they want up to the maximum bid amount, but any main character’s bid wins over PALT bids. PALT DKP can also be used for alternate characters, but they are on a lower tier than PALTs.

Loot Tiers and Bid Examples

Main characters > Preferred Alts > Apps > Alts 

Please bid on the character whose DKP will be spent and specify PALT or ALT in the bid.

Here’s a few examples of a bid in progress.

Mains/PAlts/Alts all bidding on an item:

Downfall tells the raid, ‘Poop Encrusted Greatsword bids go!’

Shambox (PALT) tells the raid, ‘250 ALT’

Syrana tells the raid, ‘2500 ALT

Mesozoic tells the raid, ‘1000’

Downfall tells the raid, ‘Poop Encrusted Greatsword bids last call’

Downfall tells the raid, ‘Poop Encrusted Greatsword bids closed’

Downfall tells the guild, ‘Poop Encrusted Greatsword;1000;Mesozoic gratss

Meso’s bid out did the bids by the alts despite Syrana bidding higher for her alt.

Someone wants to bid on their PALT Swampdonkey for their second alt character:

Catstop tells the raid, ‘Meow Mix Headband Bids start — GOGO’

Swampdonkey (PALT) tells the raid, ‘250 ALT’

Catstop tells the raid, ‘Meow Mix Headband Bids start  — Last call

Catstop tells the raid, ‘Meow Mix Headband Bids start  — Closed

Catstop tells the guild, ‘Meow Mix Headband;Swampdonkey;750 gratss

There were no other bids, but if you have a PALT you can always use that character’s DKP instead of your main’s DKP to buy your other alts loot.

Recruitment Process

Applicants that apply before 10/18/2020 will be given some DKP compensation from their old guild. Some of these applicants may be subject to a 5 raid probationary period, but will be able to bid, and act as full members during this period. 

Starting 10/18/2020, new recruits will be subject to an application period of at least 5 raids. After this point, leadership will discuss the player’s skill level, attitude, participation, and overall fit with the guild. If there are any concerns, the application may be extended a further 3 raid days. We will approach the player with constructive feedback at this point and see if they improve.

Applicants that are denied or removed during the application process will be ineligible to reapply for 60 days.

Main Changes

Main changes are an important part of both keeping the game interesting for players and allowing players to change to a class that better fits the guild’s needs. 

Until DoN, we will be very lenient on main changes. Anyone who has taken minimal loot will probably be allowed to main change with no cost or red tape.

Main changes will come in three forms. Requested, approved and unapproved.

Requested main changes will be something that is posted and open for any qualified player in the guild to accept. These characters may or may not need to be geared to a standard prior to the main change. There will be no DKP cost 

Approved main changes will generally be granted when a player changes from a class with lower needs to a class of higher needs or between classes of equal needs. It is hard to set standards for this, but regardless of class need, if you want an approved change, you need to contact leadership in advance. Sometimes this may last as long as a few weeks. You may be asked to play your old main for the next upcoming expansion launch, but this will be worked out with you in advance. If you want an approved main change, even if it’s something like high to low need, contact leadership, and we will work something out with you if at all possible.  The cost will be 8000 DKP (80 x BRV).

Unapproved main changes include people changing from extremely high need classes  to low classes without warning. People who have spent an excess amount of DKP in the last month or so will also usually be unapproved. Unapproved main changes will cost 16000 DKP (160 x BRV) as a base cost. If a person has spent an exorbitant amount of DKP in the last 30 days, they may eat a higher penalty. A player will never be allowed to go into the negative to pay for an unapproved main change.

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