The Adventure Dogs came together as a guild in the Omens of War era on Mangler. This crew was part of a larger, historically successful guild but recognized that the size and mission of the guild was no longer capable of being the strike force of highly skilled players desired by the founding members. With this in mind the Adventure Dogs launched with a focus on quality over quantity.

We keep things simple… with a focus on skill and ingenuity.

We are a raiding strike force of like minded highly skilled players who are enjoying the prime of the early EQ progression at Omens of War. We will push forward at a time where catching up to content is as quick as a weekend of grinding. Whether you are on Mangler looking to be part of this newly formed strike force, or from another TLP or LIVE server looking to dip into this era again we look forward to connecting with you. Our guild is comprised of long time players of EQ from servers and guilds across the spectrum of the history of the game. We have a deep network throughout the game and are enjoying reconnecting with this content together.

For our long time EQ friends and/or potential members of The Adventure Dogs who are stopping by to see how we are doing, see below for frequent updates.

The following principals guide our guild practices:

  1. The guild will have simple and reasonable rules to govern the guild, with as little leadership intervention as possible.
  2. Recognizing that tests of skill and ingenuity bring the most joy in this game, the guild will encourage and support the farming of meaningful near era raid targets with smaller strike force groups without affecting the guild’s progress or bottom line.
  3. The guild’s membership will be made of likeminded people who bring the best that they have to raids so that we can succeed with a “right sized” guild force.
  4. Be at or near the top of the server in server progression – with a focus on high craft, precise execution and skill over Zerg strategies,
  5. A culture that is inclusive because those that are part of the guild recognize that skill and focus is our common ground to work together.
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